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INEOS OPEN – SECOND ISSUE24.12.2018 15:26

The second issue of INEOS OPEN is now available online. Included are the reviews on the synthesis and properties of carborane–siloxanes and potential applications of dendrimers in biomedicine and original research papers on polyphenylquinoxalines for proton-conducting membranes, new (alkoxycarbonylaminoethyl)arylureas with antistress and plant growth regulation properties, and polymer-supported palladium–carbene complexes as catalysts for cross-couplings. 

DOI identifiers21.12.2018 15:24

Now DOI identifiers are assigned to all the articles published in INEOS OPEN. 

Journal ISSN26.11.2018 21:53

Now INEOS OPEN has an ISSN identifier – 2658-5618

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