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About Journal

Aims and scope

INEOS OPEN is a new peer-reviewed journal which aims to become an authoritative periodical in the field of chemistry. It is launched and supported by Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds – one of the leading chemistry research centers in Russia. The Journal publishes articles of high quality and broad interest to the chemistry community, which are selected via a rigid reviewing process by distinguished experts and editors. It primarily addresses new trends and recent advances in the field of organoelement and polymer chemistry. Other topics include organic synthesis with particular emphasis on asymmetric compounds and development of physicochemical and theoretical methods for investigation of reaction mechanisms, compound structures and properties. The Journal is entirely open access and requires article processing charges for accepted contributions.

Accepted article types

Original research papers and communications include works essential to organoelement and polymer chemistry. Selected works on different aspects of organic and coordination chemistry as well as physicochemical methods will be also considered. Full papers must describe original work that has not been previously published. Communications must focus on a specific topic of high importance.

Highlights present conceptual summaries on important achievements in different fields of interest.

Critical notes present the author’s view on controversial topics. This type of articles provides a venue for discussion of works that include questionable results or conclusions.

Publishing frequency

Six issues per year


The Journal is closely related to INEOS Open Cup – an annual conference-contest organized by Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds. The Journal serves as a forum for preliminary selection of the most interesting works in different fields of chemistry. The authors of contributions accepted by the Journal (original research papers and highlights) are recommended for participation in a general competition (no registration fee applied).



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