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New members of International Advisory Board12.08.2019 18:00

Welcome to new members of our International Advisory Board—Prof. Richard M. Laine (University of Michigan, USA) and Prof. Hongzhi Liu (Shandong University, China). Both of the new members are recognized experts in silicon chemistry. The updated list of Advisory Board members can be found at the following link.

INEOS OPEN – The third issue in 201925.07.2019 12:00

The third issue of INEOS OPEN in 2019 is now available online. Published are the reviews on tribological properties of tribostable thermoplastics, IR luminescent lanthanide complexes with polyfluorinated ligands, and catalytic activity of rare-earth and alkaline earth metal complexes in hydrophosphination and original research papers on theoretical analysis of gradient materials and vibrational spectra of 11-vertex nido-carbaboranes.

INEOS OPEN – The second issue in 201915.05.2019 12:00

The second issue of INEOS OPEN in 2019 is now available online. Included are the review on fluorine-containing heterocyclic cytostatic agents and original research papers on the synthesis of biologically relevant cobalamin–fullerene complexes and conformationally stable C,N-palladacycles, AFM studies of peptide nanoparticles, and investigation of the phase and morphological behavior of amphiphilic block copolymers by the Monte Carlo simulation. 

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