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INEOS OPEN – The first issue in 202017.07.2020 12:00

The first issue of INEOS OPEN in 2020 is now available online. The issue includes a review on polyhydride complexes of rare-earth metals and original research papers on the synthesis of cinnamils and silicon deriavtives of sydnones, as well as the peculiarities of oxygen electroreduction on Ru phthalocyanine in alkaline media and rheological and rheokinetic studies of new compositions based on a butyl rubber, an MQ copolymer, and polymethylsilsesquioxane.

Note that since this issue the Editorials will be published also in Russian to reach wider audience and to make all the news more available.

Congratulations on successful election22.11.2019 16:40

The Editorial team of INEOS OPEN sincerely congratulates our Associate Editor, director of INEOS RAS, Prof. A. A. Trifonov on his election a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. We also extend our congratulations to the members of the Advisory Board of INEOS OPEN     Prof. Martin Möller, who became a foreign member of RAS, and Prof. Valentine P. Ananikov and Prof. Vadim Yu. Kukushkin, who were elected full members of RAS. We wish them further creative success and new achievements! See complete news


New members of International Advisory Board12.08.2019 18:00

Welcome to new members of our International Advisory Board—Prof. Richard M. Laine (University of Michigan, USA) and Prof. Hongzhi Liu (Shandong University, China). Both of the new members are recognized experts in silicon chemistry. The updated list of Advisory Board members can be found at the following link.

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