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INEOS OPEN - FIRST ISSUE17.09.2018 18:12

The first issue of INEOS OPEN is now available online. Included are the reviews on N-containing ligands for rare-earth metal complexes and polymers from Si-containing norbornenes as well as the original research papers on catalysts for selective oxidation of Et3SiH to Et3SiOH, production of novel fiberglass plastics and gradient materials based on polyurethanes.

INEOS OPEN CUP 2017 - WINNERS22.11.2017 18:04

The winners of the main contest and young scientists' session are announced.

INEOS OPEN CUP 201715.11.2017 17:39

The materials of INEOS OPEN CUP 2017 are now published in a special book of abstracts - INEOS OPEN SELECT 2017.

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