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INEOS OPEN – The second issue in 202130.06.2021 12:00

The second issue of INEOS OPEN in 2021 is now available online. The reviews included in this issue highlight recent advances in ferrocenylalkylation reactions under acid-free conditions, mechanochemical modification of the solubility of anthelmintic drugs with polymers, and reactivity of the thebaine derivatives. The original research papers are devoted to the computational study of cucurbituril supramolecular complexes and applicability of Bochvar's three-valued logic in stereochemistry (author's view).

INEOS OPEN is now included in RSCI30.06.2021 12:00

We are pleased to announce that INEOS OPEN has successfully passed a rigorous selection process and is now included in the Russian Science Citation Index that operates on the Web of Science platform. Here you can find a link to the official press release. 

INEOS OPEN SELECT: new issue published and indexing by the Russian Index of Scientific Citations30.05.2021 13:00

A new issue of INEOS OPEN SELECT is now published. This special book encompasses all the materials of the annual contest-conference INEOS OPEN CUP. We are pleased to announce that since 2019 it is indexed by the Russian Index of Scientific Citations (РИНЦ). The previous issue is already available on elibrary.ruINEOS OPEN SELECT 2020 will be uploaded in the nearest future.

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