INEOS OPEN CUP is an annual open contest-conference organized by the Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds. We conducted a series of highly successful contests in the new open and sporting format in the last few years and raised INEOS OPEN CUP to the level of a flagship event in the field of organoelement and polymer chemistry. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to postpone INEOS OPEN CUP 2020 to the next year but are still committed to the established traditions of the fair and transparent contest algorithm and high-level expert evaluation.

INEOS OPEN SELECT is a special book that encompasses all the contest-conference materials. We are pleased to announce that since 2019 it is indexed by the Russian Index of Scientific Citations (РИНЦ). The previous edition is already available on elibrary.ruINEOS OPEN SELECT 2020 will be uploaded in the nearest future.



•   Contest winners

Nesmeyanov Prize (Grand Prix of the main contest): V. A. Larionov (INEOS RAS; Moscow) 

Best oral presentations of the main contest: D. N. Zarubin (INEOS RAS; Moscow), A. S. Gazizov (Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, Kazan Scientific Center of RAS; Kazan), V. A. Vil (ZIOC RAS; Moscow) 

Grand Prix of the young scientists' session: F. V. Otvagin (Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University; Nizhny Novgorod)

Best oral presentations of the young scientists' session: O. A. Gusel'nikova (Tomsk Polytechnic University; Tomsk), V. A. Dodonov (IOMC RAS; Nizhny Novgorod), A. N. Izmest'ev (ZIOC RAS; Moscow), S. M. Morozova (Bauman Moscow State University; Moscow)

Best poster presentations of the young scientists' session: Yu. I. Baluda (Vernadsky Crimean Federal University; Simferopol), A. S. Gak (INEOS RAS, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Moscow), A. V. Pashanova (INEOS RAS, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology; Moscow), V. A. Motornov (ZIOC RAS; Moscow)

People's choice award of the young scientists' session: M. V. Andreev (INEOS RAS; Moscow)

Here you can download a list of all winners of INEOS OPEN CUP 2020  in Russian.

•   Conference program and materials

Here you can download the conference program including the program of round-table discussions on biomdeical application of organoelement compounds and polymers.

The conference materials are published in a special book – INEOS OPEN SELECT 2020

•   Conference topics

The conference program encompasses all aspects of organoelement and polymer chemistry. Young scientists' session traditionally includes both oral and poster presentations. A special session – INEOS OPEN APPLIED – will be devoted to the applied investigations, which will be continued with a round-table discussion on Organoelement Compounds and Polymers for Biomedical Applications (moderator S. K. Moiseev, INEOS RAS).

•   Organizing committee of the main contest and young scientists' session

A. M. Muzafarov (cochair, Full Member of RAS)

A. A. Trifonov (cochair, Corresponding Member of RAS)

O. A. Fedorova (vice-chair)

A. A. Pavlov

M. A. Pavlova

T. M. Aliev

M. A. Ustimova

A. E. Saifutyarova

A. S. Polyakova

A. Botezatu

S. D. Tokarev (scientific secretary)

•   Contest nominations and prizes

The contest winners will be awarded with three main prizes established in the honor of renowned scientists of INEOS RAS in the fields of our main reserach interests. The authors of exceptional contributions will be nominated for the Grand Prixthe Nesmeyanov Prize. Special prizes are envisaged for participants from other cities.

In the young scientists' session, the prizes will be given both for the best oral and poster reports, as well as for the most comrehensive presentation and practice-oriented work. 

•   Material submission

All the participants of the contest must submit their materials in the form of communications no longer than four A4 pages in portrait layout, which must be prepared using the template provided on the main site. The authoritative jury will define the oral and poster presentations for the contest program of the young scientists' session.

•   Conference materials

The conference materials are published in a special book – INEOS OPEN SELECT.

•   Important dates

Deadline for submission of materials:     April 18

Conference dates:                                   May 17–21

•   Venue

Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences

ul. Vavilova 28, Moscow, 119991 Russia

•   Contact information

Main contest:

e-mail: open@ineos.ac.ru (S. D. Tokarev, scientific secretary of the main contest)

Young scientists' session:

e-mail: smu@ineos.ac.ru

First circular (in Russian)


More information on INEOS OPEN CUP 2020 is available at the contest homepage.